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Side-tracking shelves


Object protection

Business sectors

Conveyor and storage systems

SLS 96, SLSR 46B Single Light Beam Safety Devices

  • Type 2 acc. to IEC/EN 61496 (in combination with a MSI-T safety monitoring device)
  • Operating ranges up to 44 m (SLSR 46B) and up to 50 m (SLS 96)
  • High performance reserve
  • Wide voltage range 10 - 30V
  • Metal housing (SLS 96) or durable plastic housing in protection class 67
  • Use of the SLSR 46B to temperatures as low as –30 °C or SLS 96 with optics heating to temperatures as low as –20 °C
  • STOP1 delayed switch-off with MSI-TS Safety Relay