Circuit board position detection


Final mounting


Presence inspection, Positioning

Business sectors



  • Industry PC in compact housing
  • Multiple GigE cameras can be connected
  • Imaging processing software with the following characteristic features: image pre-processing, such as filtering, normalizing, rotating and smoothing
  • Inspection for presence and completeness, measurement, pattern detection, color inspection, code reading (1D/2D), character reading
  • Working ranges: rectangle, circle or polygon
  • Position and rotational compensation
  • Any number of inspection windows and inspection tasks
  • Program selection: manual, serial, via Ethernet or digital inputs
  • Save camera parameters (shutter time, gain,...) in the program
  • Camera calibration

LSIS 412i smart camera

  • Fast setup of tests by means of configurable software via standard web browser
  • Storage of camera and illumination settings in the program (incl. motorized adjustment of focus position)
  • Image preprocessing functions, such as smoothing and filtering
  • Test for presence, completeness, type, position and angle
  • Position and rotational compensation (360°)
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Statistical data
  • Image memory for process-, error- and reference images
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamp
  • User management with password protection