Operational safety


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Point of operation guarding

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L10, L100, L200 Safety Locking Devices

  • Safety locking devices with contact sets for integration up to category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849
  • Universal application through turnable head (8 actuator approach positions)
  • Spring-force or magnetic-force design
  • Manual unlocking, escape unlocking (L200)
  • Switching-current reduction (L100)
  • Can be integrated into the machine safety circuit via MSI safety controller

Programmable Safety Controllers: MSI 100, MSI 200 Safety Controllers and additional modules MSI-EM, MSI-FB

  • Freely configurable MSI 100 safety relay: base module for the coordination of sensors and actuators
  • Modularly expandable MSI 200 base module with the option of coupling up to 10 MSI-EM extension modules quickly and comfortably via TBUS DIN rail connection system
  • MSI-EM extension module augments the MSI 200 by 8 safe inputs and 4 freely configurable channels - either safe inputs or outputs (OSSDs)
  • MSI-FB-PB fieldbus module for the problem-free connection to PROFIBUS for diagnostic data transfer (not safety-oriented)

SOLID Safety Light Curtains (type 2, type 4)

  • Beam resolutions 20/30/40/90 mm as well as 14 mm for SOLID-4/-4E
  • Simple function selection through external wiring
  • Muting possible with MSI Safety Relay
  • Slender and robust aluminum housing (30 x 34 mm)
  • SOLID-4/-4E: type 4, SILCL 3, PL e
  • SOLID-2/-2E: type 2, SILCL 2, PL d
  • Can be integrated into the machine safety circuit via MSI safety controller

S20, S200 Safety Switches and S400 Safety Hinge Switch

  • Universal application – extremely efficient, resilient yet economical
  • Application up to category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1
  • 14 different actuators, several approach directions for various applications
  • Housing made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or metal for heavy duty applications