Signaling devices

Clear signals for automation

At many critical points in automated systems and installations, the signaling of status information helps to keep productivity and efficiency at a high level. For this purpose, we offer an extensive range of signal columns, single-color and multicolor signal lamps and acoustic signalers – preassembled and individually combinable.

Individually configurable signaling columns

With individual color

For individual signaling with color combinations and/or audible signal, we offer signaling columns in two diameters: 40 mm or 70 mm. The signaling columns can be freely configured with regard to the type of mounting, color, number of lights (max. 5) and the optional audible signal.


Ready-made signaling columns

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Ready-to-use signaling devices

Preassembled, multicolor signaling devices with 3 colors as signaling columns or wall-mounted devices for signaling with minimum effort.


Multitone + beacon

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Good to hear

In factory buildings or outdoors, a siren continues to be an important signaling element in addition to visual signals, especially in the case of alarm signals. Here, we offer a selection of standalone devices or siren/lamp combinations with a particularly high degree of protection (IP 66).


Panel-mount modules

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Multicolor – ready to install

Single-color and multicolor transducers in an impact-resistant housing, also combined (lamp and sound module) for installation with M22 in 30, 45 and 65 mm diameter.


Muting indicators

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Seeing safety

A wide range of indicators for displaying possible dangers is what makes a safety-at-work system complete.