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From flat to robust, everything is possible

The areas of application for RFID are as broad as the requirements placed on transponders. Leuze electronic offers an extensive and high-quality product segment for all conceivable applications. It includes transponders for fault-free use on metal, high-temperature transponders, self-adhesive SmartLabels or chip cards.


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All-purpose performer

The HF transponder with various memory sizes is suitable for the RFM / HFM readers as a self-adhesive/disc/card or high-temperature transponder, with Ex certification if necessary.

  • ISO15693 transponder with 112 to 1024 bytes (I-CodeSLI/HFI or MyD) suitable for write/read units of the RFM…/HFM… series
  • Industry transponder for temperatures up to 220°C, available as disk, stickers and cards
  • Special transponders on request



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