When the sensor indicates
your system availability.

Is your system protected against failures?

The demands on the performance of conveyor and storage systems are constantly increasing. You are also faced with the challenge of planning and operating your system in an energy and resource efficient way as well as having high availability at low costs.
This, among other things, is only guaranteed with planned, state-orientated maintenance.

Thanks to condition monitoring, status information is recorded continuously and in real-time. It doesn't matter where in the world the data is generated. In this way, potential failures can be detected early, downtime minimized and the inspection personnel can be utilized in a demand-orientated and targeted way.

availability control - Our sensors tell you how they are doing!

On Ethernet-based fieldbus systems in which configuration is performed directly in the control, the main advantage lies in the possibility of direct diagnosis of the products. For example, it is possible to diagnose why the DDLS 500i optical data transceiver no longer delivers data or the BPS 300i bar code positioning system can no longer output position data at a specific position, irrespective of the location.

Four times higher performance for your system

DDLS 500 data transmission photoelectric sensorBPS 300i bar code positioning systems

You will find our intralogistics expertise in every detail

For contact-free, optical free space data transmission. Position data without limit – "Infinite", curve-going and with millimeter accuracy.
Further information on the DDLS 500i Further information on the BPS 300i
BCL 600i bar code readerBCL 300i bar code reader
With a blue laser for larger depth of field. The all-rounder for distances of up to 700 millimeters.
Technical data on bar code readers Technical data on bar code readers

The Leuze electronic webConfig tool

For configuration and parameterization in applications where the product is not directly connected to a fieldbus, as is the case with, for example, positioning tasks in which the sensor passes its data to an inverter via an SSI interface, the webConfig tool provides a web-technology based, multi-language user interface which is completely independent of the operating system. The individual parameters are presented in an easy-to-understand, graphic form.

In combination with the so-called "availabilitycontrol technology" from Leuze electronic, it is possible to call up this so-called prefailure message irrespective of location to ensure that scheduled maintenance of the product is performed punctually.

This data in turn enables, for example, prefailure messages to be issued to allow weak points in the system or device (soiling, misalignment, code readability, etc.) to be detected early on. As a result, systems can be maintained more efficiently and in a more targeted manner, and unscheduled downtimes can be avoided.


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