"Smart is when the new
DDLS 500 offers you a
glimpse of the future!"

The DDLS 500 is much more than an optical cable – it offers many other features that make use simple and efficient

The future starts now - the world's first optical data transceiver with integrated web server for remote diagnostics.

Optical data transceivers are the right choice for any application where data needs to be transmitted without cables and without interference. They enable contact-free communication wherever mechanical systems are pushed to their technical limitations.
Unique worldwide, the web server integrated in the DDLS 500 enables remote diagnostics. Furthermore, the DDLS 500 can be detected as a PROFINET participant. That is SMARTER PRODUCT USABILITY like only Leuze electronic offers.


Much more than an optical cable – DDLS 500

The DDLS 500 optical data transmission photoelectric sensor enables the transparent, contact- and
wear-free transmission of data over distances of up to 200 m in 100 Mbit/s real-time. To this end, an invisible, infrared laser
communicates bi-directionally between the devices. Additional functions considerably simplify handling of the devices.

Should mounting be possible by just one person?

With the patented, single-hand adjustment process and the integrated mounting plate with alignment screws, mounting and alignment are child's play.

Do you want to be able to easily align your device?

With the aid of the laser alignment aid and the integrated level, alignment is very simple, even over longer paths.

Do you want to combine the possible functions yourself?

The modular design allows the base model to be freely expanded with the available functions.

Does your data need to be transmitted transparently in real-time?

With 100 Mbit/s all common Ethernet protocols can be transmitted without time delay.

The DDLS 500i in practice