A good
color mark sensor
independently recognizes

when it needs to switch.

During the development of our KRT 18B color mark sensor, we placed special emphasis on ease-of-use.

The sensor can be taught-in using two simple buttons on the rear side of the device, independently determines the optimal switching threshold and adjusts this to the changing circumstances again and again, even in operation, using the integrated tracking function.


Because your system needs to run!

The new KRT 18B contrast sensor combines usability with high performance:

  • Multicolor: Flexibility due to the best contrast with three colors
  • Models with teach buttons and potentiometers for simple switching point adjustment
  • Self-adjusting bar graph for the display of signal quality for optimal adjustment
  • Simple change over of multiple stored configurations via IO-Link
  • Automatic sensitivity readjustment for fading marks
  • Attractive, space-saving metal housing
  • Easy-to-use with alignment aid included
  • High switching frequency up to 15/22kHz
  • Degree of protection IP 67 and IP69K with ECOLAB

Technology for the purpose of efficiency

You need your color mark sensor to automatically recognize and readjust changes in contrast?

The integrated tracking function readjusts the switching threshold automatically for changing contrasts. This makes manual corrections unnecessary and increases system availability.

You would like to parameterize your sensor and query status information by means of controller?

All KRT 18B sensors are equipped with a dual channel IO-Link interface. Due to its two channels, it can be conveniently configured from the controller, and fault messages can also be transmitted in the other direction to the controller, for example.

You would like to see where the sensor’s switching points are?

A large, easily accessible bar graph indicator on the back of the device shows the switching point when setting up and also in operation, regardless of whether the device has teach-in buttons or a potentiometer. This provides information about the functional reliability at all times.

You are looking for a sensor which has the optimal light color available for all conceivable color marks?

The KRT 18B provides three freely selectable light colors (red, green, blue) of each type and independently determines the optimal adjustment for every mark/background combination and increases the machine's flexibility.

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