"Our sensors
are simply better at detecting
transparent media"

We see what others barely see


When it comes to the reliable detection of partially and highly transparent objects, sensors need to show what they are really capable of. Systems don't demonstrate their true performance until put to daily use. With our solutions, we can extend the cleaning cycles of sensors used in the detection of transparent media, e.g., from one week to up to a year.

We've simply done away with alignment! The new PRK 18B

The newly calibrated aBEAM optics of the PRK 18B retro-reflective photoelectric sensor are so accurate that time-consuming alignment is no longer necessary. This saves time and, above all, extensive mounting accessories.

Do you want to learn how? Then note the details!

Do you want to save time and costs during alignment?

The calibrated aBEAM optics precisely strike even small reflectors without time-consuming alignment.

Does mounting need to be fast and easy?

The threads integrated in the housing and the calibrated aBEAM optics save 80% additional material and make initial mounting and device changes fast and uncomplicated.

Are you convinced by the current PRK 18?

You'll be thrilled by the new PRK 18B.

Do your devices suffer from exposure to aggressive cleaning agents?

The chemically nickel-plated housing can stand up to every challenge!

Are speed and precision important to you?

Precise repeatability thanks to a jitter time of just 40 μs.


Highlight products for the detection of transparent media

Unique successor model of our unrivaled PRK 18 in metal housing.Robust stainless steel housing for demanding hygiene applications.Our smallest design, when transparent objects need to be detected reliably.
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So safety at work won't become a stumbling block for you


Your sensor business – simpler and more efficient

Many pledge themselves to customer orientation – at Leuze electronic, we go a step further.

We offer specific and measurable added value in the areas of USABILITY, APPLICATION KNOW-HOW and SERVICE – and make our customers successful this way. These areas are our yardstick for new product developments, innovative service offerings and extensive market expertise.

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