"Round, angular,
glossy, with gaps –
our sensors
will detect your
object as well

We can do both normal and out of the ordinary!


Round, angular or both – with glossy surfaces or with transparent shrink-wrapped film – completely black, with gaps or high levels of ambient light. Whenever the object that is to be detected or the environmental conditions deviate from normal, these sensors are at their best. Depending on the application, a wide range of technologies ensure reliable detection of the objects.

This light-band can detect everything – The new RK 46C.DXL VarOS

With its wide light-band, the new RK 46C VarOS retro-reflective photoelectric sensor very reliably detects small and large objects, even with gaps. With the teachme function, the sensor can easily be adapted to two object sizes greater than 8 mm at the touch of a button.

Does the sensor also need to reliably detect objects with gaps?

This sensor responds to objects within the entire width of its light-band and, as a result, can also handle interruptions..

Do you want to configure your sensor at the touch of a button?

Simple adaptation of the sensitivity / resolution through two-level teach me function
by means of a button on the rear of the housing.

Would you like to do without the use of expensive light barriers or multiple individual sensors?

The wide light-band detects over a
45-60-mm-wide area.

Does sensor alignment need to be simple and intuitive?

A highly visible brightvision light-band makes alignment child's play.

Top products for object detection

HTU 418B
ultrasonic scanner
variable object sensor
Extensive sensor family that includes all operating principles for the detection of a wide range of shapes and surface structures.Cylindrical sensor for the detection of particularly small objects or partially or fully transparent, extremely dark and reflective surfaces.45-60 mm-wide light-band for the reliable detection of objects with gaps or irregular shape.
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So safety at work won't become a stumbling block for you


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