One of the best –
The safety laser scanner
RSL 400

Maximum performance with minimum effort!

The RSL 400 represents the latest generation of our safety laser scanners. Our decades of experience have resulted in a development that is technologically unique and features impressive performance, robustness and many clever functions.


Maximum performance with minimum effort!

  • Operating range of up to 8.25 m and 270° scanning angle for covering even large areas with one device
  • 2-in-1 solution: Parallel monitoring of two protective fields
  • Models with PROFIsafe/PROFINET interface available

Unique technology for robust operation

Thanks to its high angular resolution, the RSL 400 is very adept at filtering objects that are not safety-relevant, such as dust and particles in the air. This reduces unnecessary switching off.


Effective due to rotation

With the RSL 400, the entire transmitter/receiver system rotates. This means an extremely narrow and even laser spot is created over the entire scanning range, which provides the basis for the high angular resolution of 0.1 degree (3x higher sampling compared to conventional scanners).

Easy handling

Removable connection unit and fast device exchangeThree communication optionsIntegrated display
The connection unit of the RSL 400 is removable and can be mounted separately. The scanning head thus remains protected and can simply be attached afterwards.

It takes less than 30 seconds to swap out the scanner: turn two screws by 90° and replace the scanner head. Without realignment, readjusting and configuration effort, as the configuration memory is integrated in the connection unit.
Suitable access is always guaranteed with three means of communication for configuration and diagnosis. In addition, all RSL 400 models are already network-capable thanks to the standard Ethernet-TCP/IP interface, e.g. for diagnosis via central access points.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • USB (from RSL 420)
  • Bluetooth
The large characters on the integrated display are easily visible even from a distance. Various functions and messages are thereby always in view.
  • The built-in electronic spirit level allows for quick alignment of the device
  • Output of messages and details on protective field violations
  • Call up the signature (CRC checksum) without PC

200 configurable fields

100 switchable field pairs or 50 switchable 4-field sets offer optimum adaptation to various movement conditions, e.g., with AGVs or robots

1 protective function2 parallel protective functions
100 switchable field pairs:
1 protective field + 1 warning field
10 switchable 4-field sets:
1 protective field + 3 warning fields
2 x 10 switchable field pairs:
each 1 protective field + 1 warning field, independently switchable
50 switchable 4-field sets:
2 protective fields + 2 warning fields
Can also be configured as a set with 4 protective fields with PROFIsafe

Data output for AGV navigation software

In addition to first-class safety technology, the RSL 400 is also equipped with high-quality measurement value output for AGV navigation software. The high angular resolution of 0.1 degrees makes the scanner particularly suitable for applications in the areas of natural navigation and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). The small measurement error and high quality of the data is achieved through the narrow laser spot that maintains its perpendicular shape over the entire scanning angle.

Reliable distance valuesSignal strength values for reflector detection
Whether reflector or a black wall - the RSL 400 provides unique distance values that are not influenced by the reflectance of the object. The measurement range can reach up to 50 meters. The RSL 400 transmits the received signal strength value with every beam. The navigation software can thus independently and reliably identify reflectors. The signal strength increases significantly when beams hit a reflector.

Quick and easy to configure

The Sensor Studio configuration and diagnostic software makes it easy to configure and commission the RSL 400. The parameters are depicted in an easy-to-understand and graphical form.

The Sensor Studio configuration software is easy to use and offers the users numerous convenient functions. The Sensor Studio configuration software is easy to use and offers the users numerous convenient functions.
  • The configuration software guides you through all important settings in only 5 steps
  • Quick and easy: first all settings are made – then the entire configuration is loaded onto the RSL 400 with one click
  • Single parameters can be individually adjusted at any time
  • User interface in nine languages with context-sensitive online help
  • Simulation of protective field switchover
  • Connection to laser scanner via Ethernet point-to-point, Ethernet network, USB or Bluetooth
  • Individual and project view of all RSL 400 in a network

Intuitive and precise user interface

  • Simple design and adaptation of the protective fields through different drawing functions
  • Import/export for editing corner point coordinates in Excel
  • Quick and precise online presentation of the scan contour
Stationary area protectionAccess guarding (multiple stations)Safeguarding and navigation of AGVs
Safety laser scanners are used for the safety-related monitoring of areas on machines and systems. A maximum operating range, robust operation and simple handling are decisive here.
For the safeguarding of large access points, safety laser scanners with vertical alignment of the protective field are used. The sensors are thereby able to detect, e.g., vehicles or persons.
The transportation path of AGVs must be safeguarded with safety sensors for the monitoring of persons and objects in the transportation path. Flexible adaptation of the protective fields is important here. If the principle of contour navigation is used, the scanner also needs to simultaneously make the measurement data available for navigation.
The RSL 400 safety laser scanners can easily be adapted to the areas that are to be monitored by means of their configurable protective fields. With an operating range of 8.25 m and scanning range of 270°, even large areas can be monitored with one device. The high angular resolution makes the RSL 400 insensitive to dust and particles. The integrated display and removable connection unit simplify installation and operation.
As access guarding, the RSL 400 safety laser scanner is operated with a resolution of 150 mm. The large operating range of 8.25 m also allows large areas to be monitored. With two parallel protective fields and two integrated safety-related switching outputs, one RSL 400 can also monitor two stations independently of one another.
The RSL 400 safety laser scanner merges safety technology and high-quality measurement value output in a single device. Up to 100 switchable field pairs allow optimum adaptation to changing movement conditions and various loads. The measurement values are acquired with an especially narrow laser spot that offers unique measurement values and a low measurement error of < 30 mm.