Smart is when a great deal of power takes just a little space.

Comfortable operating range adjustment by means of potentiometer Comfortable operating range adjustment by means of potentiometer

Strong for its size – small for its strength!

The 15 series is a high-performance, cubic, series that is suitable for use in all standard applications. The robust sensors are part of the globalBEAM product family and are characterized by their very large operating ranges and their compact housing. Particularly in the areas of conveyor and packaging technology, sensors of the 15 series facilitate an economical solution thanks to their attractive price level.

The 15 series in practice

Completeness monitoring in the packaging industry Fill level monitoring
The PRK 15.D with intelligent optics reliably detects film-wrapped objects, such as pallets, six packs or cartons. The PRK 15 has a very large operating range with an extremely small housing.
PRK 15
retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
PRK 15.D
retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
HT 15
diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression
High function reserve and in compact housing with and without adjustment option by means of potentiometerReliable detection of shrink-wrapped or high-gloss objectsEasy alignment by means of bright light spot
Technical data Technical data Technical data