Guarding of an electro-mechanical window frame press


The year 2012 saw a world debut in the window frame press industry. To load these presses, which are used to manufacture wooden window frames, an operator must manually insert 40 kg wood parts. During axle movement, the area needed for manual loading must be guarded. Axle movement should resume after the employee has left the area. Access guarding should be implemented in such a way that machine activation occurs without acknowledgment by a two-handed control device.


SOLID-4E Safety Light Curtains with a resolution of 30 mm and a protective field height of 1800 mm as well as LA-78U laser alignment aids which considerably simplify the alignment and adjustment of the Safety Light Curtains are used. The laser alignment aid is attached to the sensor housing and marks the target point of the sensor beam with a red light laser visible from a great distance. After alignment and start-up, the pressing process can be started by a scanner if the employee or the operator has left the safety area monitored by the Safety Light Curtain. Since the presses feature finely controllable servo motors, pressing can be very precise, compared with hydraulic drives.


  • Branch/Area

    Wood working industry (processing of windows and wood molding)

  • Duty

    Access guarding

  • Application

    Guarding of an electro-mechanical window frame press