Safety Hinge Switches on guards


The "order picking from pallets" area is guarded with hard guards. To be able to enter this area in the event of a fault, a protective door, which is predominantly used by maintenance and repair personnel, is equipped with Safety Switches and corresponding separate actuators. Due to the sensitivity of the actuators and the employees' rough use of the doors, the actuators are often damaged after a short time. These devices have to be replaced every time. This is why an alternative, reliable and long-lasting solution was sought which would be easy to mount and would not be so easy to damage due to its robust design.


Now, the S400 Safety Hinge Switches are used in these cases. These Hinge Switches can be mounted in the traditional manner, i.e., similar to the previously used Safety Switches with actuator. They are extremely tamperproof after installation and during operation; "circumventing" the safety function is not possible. They are also characterized by high stability and a sturdy design which ensure high reliability in rough industrial environments and "harsh" treatment.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (palletizing and depalletizing machines)

  • Duty

    Access guarding, Danger area safeguarding

  • Application

    Safety Hinge Switches on guards