Presence testing of shrink wrap


In a well-known brewery, beverage container pallets are tested for the presence of shrink wrap and whether they are completely shrink-wrapped. If the pallets are not completely shrink-wrapped, they become instable and pose a risk during stacking. An automated sensor solution must be applied to test the shrink-wrapped containers.


Two LSIS 412i smart cameras are used which are triggered by PRK 46B retro-reflective photoelectric sensors. After multiple triggering, the presence of reflections is used for evaluation by the smart cameras. The customer can filter out defective containers and return them to the shrink-wrapping area. No additional personnel is required to monitor the shrink-wrapping process.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (filling systems)

  • Duty

    Presence inspection

  • Application

    Presence testing of shrink wrap