Completeness inspection of bolted nuts


A leading manufacturer of induction welding systems needs to check whether nuts are attached to the ends of metal pipes, meaning presence monitoring must be performed for these nuts. Four separate switching outputs are required for this check.


The LSIS 412i smart cameras with BLOB (Binary Large OBject) analysis are used here. The integrated illumination of the smart camera and a bright background are used to light the "all nuts present" check. The internal illumination features a special lens. It consists of eight lens segments that ensure a rectangular, intense and evenly illuminated field of view. Compared with conventional LED illumination, the images are significantly more detailed and homogeneous. In this way, they can be evaluated more reliably. With the smart camera, four inspection tasks are performed simultaneously. Each inspection is assessed by a separate switching output. This is a solution that is not only economical, but also very easy to implement regarding installation.


  • Branch/Area

    Material Handling

  • Duty

    Presence inspection

  • Application

    Completeness inspection of bolted nuts