Sequential 2-sensor muting during pallet entry


A system manufacturer implemented a muting solution for transport systems with only one travel direction. An inaccessible automated storage area is located behind the protective field of a Multiple Light Beam Safety Device. The technology used in this intralogistics sector is exposed to a large degree of contamination. This cannot impair the reliability of the sensors and safety systems or cause operating faults.


The MLD 500 Multiple Light Beam Safety Device with integrated muting function and laser alignment aid are used for guarding. The PRK 46B retro-reflective photoelectric sensors are used as muting sensors. The entire safety system, consisting of transmitter and receiver in UDC-1000-S1 Device Columns with installed MMS-P-1000 Muting Mounting System, exhibits a high performance reserve. The Multiple Light Beam Safety Device is activated or deactivated during entry by both Muting Light Beam Devices. The vehicles or pallets can only travel through the Multiple Light Beam Safety Device in one direction without triggering a switching signal. The Muting Light Beam Devices are arranged with the Muting Mounting System in such a way that a person cannot interrupt both light axes simultaneously.


  • Branch/Area

    Material Handling (order picking, placing into and removing from heavy-duty item storage)

  • Duty

    Access guarding

  • Application

    Sequential 2-sensor muting during pallet entry