Crate monitoring in filling systems


During the so-called full-crate monitoring process, caps and crown caps must be detected reliably. This also applies for very glossy and diversely printed caps. The sensor signals are evaluated via the controller already present at the user's site. For this application with highly-dynamic procedures, the quick detection of objects is particularly important. Detection cannot be affected even by different colored and glossy objects. The switching distance is more than 100 mm.


The HRTR3B/66-V type diffuse reflection light scanners from the HRTR 3B series are employed here. The use of these sensors results in an easy and economical solution which can be used to replace existing solutions on a case-by-case basis. The scanners are characterized by their reliable switching behavior.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (filling systems)

  • Duty

    Presence inspection

  • Application

    Crate monitoring in filling systems