Monitoring of pretzel dough


After winding the pretzel dough into shape, the pretzels are monitored to determine whether they have the correct form. When doing so, several pieces of dough are detected on a conveying belt line. Both outer form (width, height) and the inner form (presence of three holes) are to be inspected at the same time. Application in the food industry necessitates a sensor with a plastic screen and digital inputs and outputs for controlling discharge flaps for faulty pieces of dough.


The LSIS 412i smart camera is employed here. It evaluates the shape of three pieces of dough at one time. This ensures extremely economical detection and removal of misshapen dough pieces before the lye application process. This is beneficial, since after lye is applied to the dough, it can no longer be used and must be disposed of. Removal before this step, however, allows the misshapen pieces of dough to be re-processed. This also means costs are reduced. Configuration of the smart camera via WebConfig is easy, as is its integration via digital inputs and outputs.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (continuous conveyors)

  • Duty

    Dimension, contour, volume, Quality control

  • Application

    Monitoring of pretzel dough