Telpher lines in an oval circuit


Telpher lines must cover around 40 m of an assembly line at an automotive industry supplier's site. They must be positioned with an accuracy of about +/- 5mm. In addition, an SSI interface must be present in the system. Moreover, a minimum distance of roughly 1 m between the telpher line suspension gears must be ensured in the assembly area on the front side of the oval. The maximum speed is also monitored in this assembly area in order to minimize the risk of injury. Particularly for this reason, the position of the telpher line suspension gear must be reliably detected and the permissible speed must also be exactly determined. The telpher line suspension gear travels on the back side of the oval at the maximum speed to an automated loading and unloading station.


The BPS 37 bar code positioning system is used here. The position of the telpher line suspension gear is determined with two separately mounted bar code positioning systems. These are installed on the same bar code tape. The position data and the speed of the systems are compared and further processed in a superior safety control (F control from Siemens).


  • Branch/Area

    Material Handling

  • Duty

    Positioning, Speed

  • Application

    Telpher lines in an oval circuit