Identifying and monitoring air filter types via bar code


A manual assembly station for air conditioning systems for the automotive industry has to be monitored to determine whether the air filter was mounted at the correct position and whether the correct air filter type was used. To be prepared for the future, the evaluation concerning position and filter type should also be possible without a bar code with the same sensor technology. An additional challenge was that the air filter has a very rough surface, making the bar code appear blurry and thereby difficult to read.


The LSIS 462i smart camera is used in this case. It is well suited for the evaluation of different types of filters due to the comparison of read bar codes with the corresponding reference code. The smart camera manages to differentiate the filters even without a bar code due to evaluation with the aid of the BLOB (Binary Large OBject analysis) tool. The various results are delivered simply via the switching outputs of the smart camera.


  • Branch/Area

    Material Handling Robotic (handling)

  • Duty

    Bar code, Orientation detection

  • Application

    Identifying and monitoring air filter types via bar code