Retrofitting bending machines


WAFIOS is a leading manufacturer of wire and tube processing technology. By retrofitting existing WAFIOS bending machines, the areas accessible by the bending mechanics is to be retroactively safeguarded. Access guarding should be implemented in such a way that machine activation occurs without acknowledgment by a two-handed control device.


The ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanners are applied both with 2 m protective field range (ROTOSCAN RS4-2E) and with 4 m protective field range (ROTOSCAN RS4-4E). With this solution, the bending process can be started via a scanner if the employee or the operator has left the safety area monitored by the Laser Scanner.

  • Branch/Area

    Machine Tools (tube processing machines)

  • Duty

    Danger area safeguarding

  • Application

    Retrofitting bending machines