Safeguarding transport systems on garbage compactors


Transport systems for filling and emptying garbage compactors must be safeguarded to protect the personnel from injury. Important in the search for an optimum solution is a high level of flexibility with respect to the size of the protected area and length of the protected field due to the different system sizes. Even though garbage compactors are usually customized, special-purpose machines with different designs due to the wide range of requirements stipulated by the end users, the number of different technical components used should be kept to a minimum. The manufacturer would, wherever possible, like to use standard components in order to minimize the number of spare parts that need to be kept on hand.


A complete solution made up of different models of the Multiple Light Beam Safety Device of the MLD 500 series in combination with MSI-SR4 Safety Relays, UDC Device Columns and UMC deflecting mirror columns is used. By using electrically inactive Deflecting Mirrors, just a small number of active components are needed. This considerably reduces wiring and installation costs. Furthermore, the solution with Deflecting Mirrors ensures maximum flexibility with regard to the spatial delineation of the safety area for all conceivable system sizes and floor plans.


  • Branch/Area

    Machine Tools (presses)

  • Duty

    Access guarding

  • Application

    Safeguarding transport systems on garbage compactors