Reading bar codes and simultaneously monitoring print quality


An inkjet printer prints bar codes and digits on sacks. If the nozzles of the printer are plugged, it is possible that this information will not be printed in its entirety. It is true that the previously used BCL 21 bar code readers from Leuze electronic can read all bar codes, even if part of the bar length is missing. However, it is not possible to thereby check whether a code is complete and if the adjacently printed digits were printed in their entirety. Therefore, a solution is sought that can both read the codes as well as check whether the remaining information was printed in its entirety.


The LSIS 462i smart camera is used. It reads the bar codes and also monitors whether they were printed in their full length and whether the adjacent digits are printed in their entirety. This solution thereby ensures whether and with what print quality the necessary information exists.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (filling systems)

  • Duty

    Bar code, Quality control

  • Application

    Reading bar codes and simultaneously monitoring print quality