Sensors for affixing handles in a shrink-packaging machine


In the so-called handle applicator carrying handles are affixed to beverage packages ("6-packs") that are output from a shrink-packaging machine. Handles make the packages easier to handle during sales, as they can thereby be better transported. In the machine, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors should reliably detect transparent objects. In addition, an optical forked sensor must be able to differentiate the transparent adhesive foil from a non-transparent insert on the carrying handle. For the separate protective circuits of E-Stop button and door protection switch, a shared Safety Relay is necessary.


The PRK 3B retro-reflective photoelectric sensors, the GS 04 optical forked sensor, inductive switches of the IS 212 series and the MSI-SR5 Safety Relay are used. With the small PRK 3B sensors, reliable triggering of the machine function can be achieved even with "critical" six packs. The GS 04 optical forked sensor convinces with its high performance reserve. The inductive switches of the IS 212 series are available in standard dimensions and offer reliable function. With the MSI-SR5 Safety Relay, door protection switches can be queried by two different protective circuits and the safety of the users ensured via the E-Stop circuit.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (continuous conveyors)

  • Duty

    Quality control, Presence inspection, Machine protection / collision prevention

  • Application

    Sensors for affixing handles in a shrink-packaging machine