Reading bar codes and 2D-codes with just one device


A label with bar code is affixed to the front side of packaging for cabinets. This bar code must be decoded. Needed here is a sensor for connecting to the internal network via an Ethernet interface with the possibility for data output to the existing control. Furthermore, a conversion to 2D-code may occur later, i.e., the sensor must also be able to read 2D-codes. Decoding is to take place from above at an incline since the packages move below the sensors.


The LSIS 422i stationary 2D-code reader is used. It satisfies all requirements of the task at hand. In addition, this device can be used to optimize process flows, since the fault images can be used to clearly document where weakness still lies in the packaging process.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (carton packaging machines)

  • Duty

    2D-code, Quality control, Bar code

  • Application

    Reading bar codes and 2D-codes with just one device