Monitoring of pallet storage spaces


During the course of expansion of a warehouse with additional buffer spaces, solutions need to be found to reliably monitor storage spaces for wooden- or euro-pallets. A sensor that is characterized by its ability to reliably perform detections is needed here. In addition, it must convince with short installation times, since the conversion is to take place under high time pressure on the weekend and a number of sensors (nearly 200 devices) are to be installed.


A PRK 25B retro-reflective photoelectric sensor with polarization filter is used. It reliably monitors whether pallets are located in the storage spaces. Together with the premounted reflector on the UMS 25.2 mounting system and the simple attachment of the photoelectric sensor with the BT 25 mounting bracket, very short mounting times are possible. No mechanics are needed for mounting: with the well-designed fastening solution, the electrician can also perform the mechanical attachment. This saves time and money.


  • Branch/Area

    Material Handling (order picking)

  • Duty

    Presence inspection

  • Application

    Monitoring of pallet storage spaces