Paper web detection on printing and paper machines


If a paper web tears in a system that processes paper, the tear must be quickly and reliably detected by a sensor. Only in this way can the system be stopped in good time and can more serious damage be prevented. Error pulses from the sensor while the paper web is intact are not acceptable, as this would lead to unnecessary shutdowns. For the detection of the state of the paper web, a solution is sought that is, in addition, not sensitive to dirt and demanding environmental conditions (e.g., aggressive cleaning agents). It should also be able to reliably detect glossy paper webs, paper webs with varying printing as well as dark paper webs and offer a contamination display.


IHRT 8 diffuse reflection light scanners with background suppression are used. They are predestined for the reliable detection of tears in paper webs and also offer maximum performance reserves even with high-gloss surfaces.


  • Branch/Area

    Graphics industry (web printing)

  • Duty

    Machine protection / collision prevention

  • Application

    Paper web detection on printing and paper machines