Container detection in automatic inspection machines


Containers such as bottles must be safely and reliably detected in automatic inspection machines in order to ensure and verify 100% quality control. Also important is the detection of highly transparent PET containers, even when filled with a transparent medium. For a sensor used in this application, a very fast reaction, high switching frequency and exact consistency of the switching point are also important.


PRKL 53 laser retro-reflective photoelectric sensors with polarization filter are used together with TK series 53 special reflectors. This sensor solution is predestined for use in food and beverage applications. It ensures reliable container detection by means of clear-glass technology, a high switching frequency of 2 kHz and a fast reaction time of 0.25 ms. The collimated laser beam ensures an exact switching point; the visible red light makes for easy alignment. Thanks to the stainless steel housing of the sensor, the solution is not sensitive to rough environmental conditions. Polarization prevents error pulses, e.g., caused by reflections from glossy objects.


  • Branch/Area

    Packaging industry (filling systems)

  • Duty

    Quality control, Presence inspection

  • Application

    Container detection in automatic inspection machines