Checking for the presence of cockpit covers


During the final assembly of a car, the already installed cockpit is fitted with a cover to protect against soiling and damage. This must again be removed at a later point in time. It has however happened that this step was overlooked and the cover was not removed. Therefore, a sensor is used to check for the presence / absence of the cover. The challenge for the sensor is the detection of the cover through the reflective car windshield.


The LSIS 412i smart camera is used. This check cannot be reliably performed with a different, simpler sensor since the sensor is influenced by the windshield and the reflections which appear on it. Furthermore, the positions of vehicle body and cover are not always well defined, particularly if different vehicle models are manufactured on a given line. Here, the smart camera shines. It is not influenced by reflections, detects a colored pattern on the cover and sends a digital signal to the PLC, informing it of the presence or absence of the cover.


  • Branch/Area

    Automotive industry (final assembly)

  • Duty

    Quality control, Presence inspection

  • Application

    Checking for the presence of cockpit covers