Safeguarding a transport system for truck engine blocks


A truck engine block with a weight of approximately 500 kg is manually loaded at an infeed station. It is then positioned on an underfloor conveyor system by a lift and passed on. For the operators and workers present here, danger situations arise through shearing forces which could lead to irreversible injury, such as the severing of limbs. Safeguarding is therefore necessary. The difficulty here: there is very little space to which the people can retreat and this cannot be changed through constructive measures. Furthermore, according to the initial assessments, a Performance Level PL e is to be expected. Therefore, only Safety Light Curtains may be used that actually achieve this Performance Level.


SOLID-4 Safety Light Curtains are used. Unlike SOLID-2 (type 2, SILCL 2, PL d), these type 4 Safety Light Curtains achieve the required Performance Level PL e (and SILCL 3). A resolution of 14 mm is chosen. According to the formula for distance calculation for finger- and hand-protection devices, the required distance is ensured even in the extremely constrained retreat area.

  • Branch/Area

    Material Handling (continuous conveyor, heavy-load transport system)

  • Duty

    Point of operation guarding, Access guarding

  • Application

    Safeguarding a transport system for truck engine blocks