PROFIBUS bar code readers in automobile production

  • Der direkte Anschluss über die M12-Stecker am PROFIBUS sowie die industriegerechte Befestigung an der Schwalbenschwanzführung erlauben eine einfache Anbindung sowie die Justage in mehreren Freiheitsgraden.

  • Mit einem Barcode gekennzeichnet durchlaufen die Hinterachsen im Variantenmix die automatisierte Montagelinie im Daimler-Werk Mettingen. Barcode-Lesegeräte BCL34 von Leuze electronic arbeiten absolut Zuverlässig und steigern so die Effizienz.

Absolute process reliability for three years

Bar code readers with PROFIBUS connection support the control of rear axle assembly

The rear axles of the C-Class as well as the GLK models, i.e. the new compact SUVs from Mercedes, are assembled on a demand-oriented basis at the Daimler plant in Mettingen. To read codes for process control in the robotic assembly, Daimler uses bar code readers with integrated PROFIBUS connection from Leuze electronic; and has been doing so with absolute process reliability in three-shift operation for more than three years.

The rear axles for the C and GLK models are assembled in the Daimler plant in Mettingen on an assembly line with a mix of cooperating robots and manual tasks. A total of 41 robots and 23 employees work hand in hand to assemble a wide range of variants. A bar code label affixed to the rear axle carrier enables demand-oriented production of different variants. At each station, a BCL34 bar code reader from Leuze electronic detects the product type, allowing the necessary work steps to be performed exactly according to the respective order data.

Thus, the bar code label plays a key role for the control of the automated assembly of rear axles, whereby the process reliability of the bar code reader is decisive for the efficiency of the system. Due to the well-known high reading performance, the robust design and the ability to directly integrate the scanner via PROFIBUS, the BCL34 high-speed scanner from Leuze was chosen for the system, which was installed in 2006. The devices feature a metal housing and, with dovetail grooves, offer optimum mounting options. The small device dimensions and the large variety of optics models allow the BCL34 to be used flexibly, both in areas with constrained space as well as over longer distances.

A decisive advantage of the BCL34 is that it is the world's first bar code reader to offer a PROFIBUS connection with M12 plug. This enables extremely fast data communication with the machine control. With the maximum PROFIBUS data transmission rate of 12 Mbit/s, the direct data flow between bar code reader and PROFIBUS master ensures that the extraordinarily high reading capacity of the scanner can be used to its full potential. Thus, the BCL34 combines maximum reading speed with delay-free data communication. Furthermore, with the PROFIBUS connection, the devices are easy to integrate. They are configured just once during project planning. To do this, the programmer works with the software tool of the PROFIBUS DP master, with which he is already familiar. Up to 120 parameters are organized in 40 modules, resulting in optimum use of memory without exceeding the maximum PROFIBUS data length. Only the modules necessary for the given system specification are included in the project. Afterward, the DP telegram automatically transmits these settings to the bar code readers on each system start.

With more than 600,000 assembled rear axles from the mix of different variants and a cycle time of 60 seconds, the BCL 34 bar code readers from Leuze electronic have proven their absolute reliability for more than four years now in three-shift operation.


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    Material Handling Robotic

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    Control engineering, Bar code

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    PROFIBUS bar code readers in automobile production