Glass detection


Thin photovoltaic layer


Presence inspection, Orientation detection, Positioning



HRTR 3B-V scanner with background suppression

  • With V-optics: especially for the reliable detection of flat, reflective or highly polished surfaces
  • Even for transparent objects

HRTR 3B-XL scanner with background suppression

  • Especially for the detection of objects with openings, bore holes and grooves – e.g. circuit boards
  • Also for transparent foils and bottles
  • HRTR 3B-L: especially for the use of fluorescent lamps with HF ballasts

HRTR 2 scanner with background suppression

  • Miniature diffuse reflection light scanners with visible red light
  • Homogeneous light beam with very small laser-like light spot
  • Very good background suppression

PRKL 3B polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor

  • Reliable detection of objects with a diameter ≥ 0.1 mm
  • Object detection through slits, holes and gaps with extremely small dimensions
  • Especially designed for the detection of fast events and small parts

HRTU 420 ultrasonic scanner

  • Sensors in cubical plastic housing in degree of protection IP 67
  • Different opening angles and sound cone geometries
  • Switching behavior largely independent of surface properties
  • Precise switching point adjustment