Face plates




Wood working industry

LRS 36 line profile sensor

  • Work piece detection and component testing for completeness
  • Up to 16 models configurable
  • Laser scanning with light-section method for object detection
  • Details detectable from 3 mm, response time: 10ms
  • Sensor activation/triggering and ability to cascade up to 9 sensors
  • Data calculation and processing directly inside the sensor
  • Compact construction: 160 × 74 × 56 mm
  • Ethernet and I/O interface
  • Optional serial interfaces and bus systems

HRT 25B, 46B scanners with background suppression

  • Reliable identification results in system safety and simplifies the certifications at the FDA, etc.
  • High resolution in accordance with the ISBT 128 specification of 128 µm with large depth of field area
  • Max. scanning rate of 1,000 scans/sec results in maximum reading and feeding speed
  • Optimal depth of field even when the contrast is poor results in max. reading reliability in practical use

HRTR 318 scanner with background suppression, RT 318 energetic light scanner

  • Easy alignment thanks to highly visible light spot
  • Simple mounting
  • Short, robust metal or plastic housing
  • Active suppression of extraneous light