Length measurement from square wood and wood molding


Furniture production


Dimension, contour, volume


Wood working industry

ODSL 96B optical distance sensor

  • Detection of fast processes
  • Measurement range: 50 - 6,000 mm
  • Insensitive to ambient light
  • Menu-driven configuration via LCD display/control buttons or via configuration software
  • Measurement display in mm via OLED display directly at the sensor
  • Reflection-independent distance information
  • Application independent light spot
  • Digital and analog interfaces

OSDL 30 optical distance sensor

  • Reflection-independent distance information
  • Measurement range: 200 - 30,000 mm
  • High accuracy through referencing
  • 1 teachable analogue and switching output
  • LC display and key pad for configuration
  • Digital and analog interfaces