Experiencing sensor systems first-hand

At smart production solutions (SPS) 2019 from November 26-28, Leuze electronic is positioning itself as a solution provider in the field of safety at work with technological expertise for smart factories and intralogistics.

The dual channel principle from Leuze electronic makes it possible to
simultaneously transfer the necessary real-time data and status information.

Owen, October 4, 2019 – Leuze electronic will be exhibiting at SPS in Nuremberg, Germany, in Hall 7A Booth 230 from November 26-28. The sensor people will be demonstrating their full range of solutions for safety at work, their technological expertise for smart factories, and the many years of experience in intralogistics.

All-around safety: protect people, ensure smooth-running processes.
The sensor people are driven to provide safety for people and machinery and aim to make the customers' automation processes as efficient as possible. This is the motto under which Leuze electronic will be presenting itself to the trade fair visitors as a partner for machine and system safety. The sensor people will exhibit their extensive range of safety products and safety services along the entire lifecycle of a machine, which have been shown to safe customers time and money. At the heart of the presented safety product highlights is Leuze electronic's Smart Process Gating (SPG) – which works without signal-emitting sensors – and which is based on the company's MLC 530 safety light curtains. This is a true alternative to muting. Experts and users alike are impressed with the solution, which is why it was awarded both the GIT Security Award and the Best-of-Industry award in 2019. Also in handling award Leuze electronic ranked with Smart Process Gating in category „automation“ the second place. Visitors to the trade fair can experience first-hand how the Smart Process Gating works through a live demonstration. Another highlight from the sensor people is the RSL 400 safety laser scanner, which is available in new variants.

Always in motion: optimize the flow of goods, increase productivity.
Leuze electronic shares the intelligent production philosophy (smart factory), where production plants and logistics systems will work without any human intervention in the future. This is where automated guided vehicles (AGV) will autonomously complete logistics tasks and navigate. Leuze electronic supports vehicles that navigate based on natural features within their surroundings with two innovative products: the RSL 400 safety laser scanner and the OGS 600. The RSL 400 combines safety technology with a high-quality measurement data output for AGV in a single, compact device. This enables reliable safeguarding and navigation. By parallel-monitoring several protective fields, the speed of the automated guided vehicles is safely reduced. These new functions are also available as device variants with a PROFINET/PROFIsafe interface, which makes their integration into industrial networks particularly easy. They are also available in an AIDA-compliant model for the automotive industry. Alternatively, the navigation of automated guided vehicles for the transport of materials and goods can be solved via flexible optical guidance. With the OGS 600, Leuze electronic offers a compact sensor for this type of application. With its edge detection and control signal transmission to the drive, the trace can be guided optically, which means that driving can be automated in the simplest of ways. The routes of the automated guided vehicles can be flexibly adapted by means of optimized trace tapes. The compact design of the OGS 600 and its low minimum distance to the ground of 10 mm means it can be integrated even into flat vehicles. Other intralogistics highlights presented by the sensor people are the IPS 400i and the CMS 700i from Leuze electronic. With the IPS 400i, Leuze electronic is expanding its IPS series with a model that offers optical double-depth compartment fine positioning. The IPS 400i is the world's smallest camera-based positioning sensor for high-bay storage devices. It detects round holes or reflectors both in single-depth and double-depth bars. The CMS 700i is a newly developed 3D contour measurement system from Leuze electronic based on the company’s CML 730i measuring light curtain for the fault-free storage of goods. The complete system includes all components, the switch cabinet, fastening elements and connection technology all under one part number and can be customized for each customer. The CMS 700i measures the volume and shape of passing objects regardless of their surface structure and identifies protrusions and bulges. Even flat objects such as polybags can be precisely and economically detected without complicated camera installation. The intuitive WebConfig interface saves time and money and allows customers to handle the commissioning and maintenance themselves. And because the system collects additional data from bar code readers and scales, it is suitable both for new and existing systems.

Ready for the future: designing industrial automation.
In an intelligent production environment (Smart Factory), standardized industrial communication assists in efficiently implementing the increasing requirements on sensor systems. This type of standardization or simplification is made possible – among other things – by fieldbus solutions with EtherCAT interface or IO-Link. Products with the IO-Link Smart Sensor Profile, such as the ODS9 optical distance sensor or the new HT 3C Teach diffuse sensor with background suppression, which Leuze electronic will present for the first time in Nuremberg, enable both reliable sensor identification and access to all process and diagnostic data, even without IODD device descriptions: this profile makes the IO-Link sensors much easier to integrate or replace in the system. Using live demonstrations, the sensor people will show how process-related information such as the reading quality of a bar code scanner or the function reserve of a retro-reflective photoelectric sensor can be captured and how changes can be monitored in the cloud. This makes the maintenance and repairs predictable so that the failure probability of a machine or system can be mitigated and their availability and cost effectiveness increased. Thanks to the dual channel principle from Leuze electronic, the real-time data required for the production process can be transferred simultaneously with the status information directly to the process control.

Visit the sensor people from Leuze electronic in Hall 7A, Booth 230!
Members of the press are invited on Wednesday, November 27, at 9:15 am to our annual press breakfast at the Leuze electronic booth.

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