Vehicle body detection


Final mounting

Cahier des charges



Automotive industry

RFU 81 RFID read/write system

  • Compact write/read unit for ranges up to 5,000 mm (depends on transponder)
  • Working frequency: 868 MHz (UHF)
  • Standardized protocols EPC 1 Gen 2
  • Suitable for industrial usage
  • High data transfer rate
  • Configurable functions

PRK 46B polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor

  • Small construction
  • Operating range up to 18 m
  • Fast and precise positioning
  • Visible light spot for time-saving alignment

HRTIL 96B scanner with background suppression

  • Measurement range up to 6,000mm
  • Minor influence from paint colors
  • Infrared laser diode with laser class 1
  • Switchable laser alignment aid with pilot laser beam, laser class 1
  • Highly insensitive to ambient light