Sensor diversity in the intralogistics center of label manufacturer Herma

  • Ein Klammerstapler liefert im Wareneingangsbereich die Rollen an, bereits hier sind zahlreiche Leuze electronic Produkte in Betrieb.

  • An allen Förderstrecken sorgen Reflexions-Lichtschranken der Baureihe 46B für eine sichere Positionierung der Rollen.

  • Die Datenübertragungs-Lichtschranke DDSL 200 überträgt die Positionsdaten des RBGs direkt an die Anlagen-SPS.

  • Der Sicherheits-Laserscanner ROTOSCAN RS4 sichert den Bereich in der Lagergasse zuverlässig ab, z.B. falls Instandhaltungsarbeiten ausgeführt werden müssen. Das Barcode Positioniersystem BPS 34 positioniert das RGB.

  • Auch Verteilerwagen, die nach dem Mutter-Tochter-Prinzip funktionieren, sind mit Sensoren von Leuze electronic ausgestattet.

  • ROBUST Mehrstrahl-Sicherheits-Lichtschranken sichern Zugänge zu Gefahrbereichen am Transportportal ab.

Sensors for innovative intralogistics

Leuze electronic products in the high-bay warehouse of label specialist HERMA

The internationally operating HERMA GmbH is specialist for self-adhesive technology and is globally among the technological market leaders. Completed last year in Filderstadt was the world's most modern coating system for adhesive materials with the only intralogistics solution of its kind in the industry. Leuze electronic supplied the sensors for this system.

The intralogistics solution at HERMA includes both the high-bay roll warehouse in the newly constructed production hall as well as the conveyor connection at cutting machines and packaging systems. The entire system is equipped with sensors, bar code readers and safety technology from Leuze electronic that fulfill all of the stipulated requirements without compromise. Jak Pluder, responsible for technology and maintenance at HERMA, also found words of praise for the Sensor People: "We are very satisfied—everything works. We have fostered a cooperative relationship for years, and Leuze electronic always presents us with new technical solutions."

Goods receiving and roll transport

In the goods receiving area, the paper and foil rolls are unloaded from trucks and placed on the lifting table by a clamping truck (figure 1). This area is montired by a SOLID-2E Safety Light Curtain with more than two meters of protected field height, thereby ensuring the necessary level of safety at work. The BPS 34 bar code positioning system ensures optical position determination with millimeter precision without mechanical wear or slippage and does so independent of reference points. For data collection and identification, the roll is positioned by turning so that the BCL 80 high-speed bar code reader from Leuze electronic attached above the roll can read the bar code.

A vertical conveyor transports the roll to the interior of the hall where a gripper fully automatically places it on a system pallet—that is gentle on the material—from the pallet storage system. Also mounted on the pallet storage system are SOLID-2E Safety Light Curtains for the protection of persons.

On the transport paths to the warehouse, 46B series retro-reflective photoelectric sensors (figure 2) are used at the very start of the transport path to detect the presence of the roll and its exact position. In addition, these sensor supply the signals for the fire door control.

Storage device in the high-bay warehouse

By means of transport carts whose position is determined by a BPS 34 bar code positioning system, the pallet loaded with the roll is now transported to the storage place, where it is accepted by one of the two high-bay storage devices. In the high-bay warehouse, the position of the high-bay storage device is similarly ascertained with the BPS 34 bar code positioning system. In addition, the DDLS 200 Data Transmission Light Beam Device permanently transmits the position data of the high-bay storage device directly to the system PLC (figure 3).

Another highlight at the high-bay storage device is the ROTOSCAN RS4 safety laser scanner (figure 4). If, during the course of maintenance, inspection or repair, a qualified member of staff opens the service door, enters the "storage aisle" danger area and, for example, is working at high-bay storage device 1, high-bay storage device 2 may be in operation at the same time without any negative impact on safety. Reason: the RS4 laser scanner that is mounted near floor level on the high-bay storage device reliably safeguards the traversing range and, if a person enters the danger area of the high-bay storage device that is moving, immediately transmits a shutdown signal to the control.

Transport portal and distribution cars

The raw materials required for a given order are retrieved from the high-bay storage device with the channel car and delivered to the roll-out conveyor. Here, the roll is unpacked and then taken over by the fully automatic transport portal, which was specially developed for HERMA. This portal stores the rolls in a buffer or transports them directly to the roll unwinding/winding machine via a distribution car (figure 5).

At the transport portal / distribution car interface, ROBUST Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices (figure 6) safeguard the access points to the danger areas. Numerous PRK 96 retro-reflective photoelectric sensors control the start/stop function at the transfer station; reflective foils pose no problem. The grippers for the rolls are also equipped with retro-reflective photoelectric sensors and BPS positioning systems.

Reliability, efficiency and performance are achieved only with the field-proven optoelectronic sensors from Leuze electronic as fixed components in the demanding area of intralogistics. In this regard, Jak Pluder adds: "For all of the special tasks and exceptional requirements in automation, be it detection, positioning or safety-related sensor systems, we can count on the employees from Leuze electronic to be at our side with help and advice."


  • Secteur/domaine

    Intralogistique (entrepôt à haut rayonnage/gerbeur, convoyeur continu)

  • Cahier des charges

    Code à barres, Transmission optique de données, Sécurisation de postes dangereux, Sécurisation d'accès, Contrôle de présence, Positionnement, Sécurisation des secteurs dangereux

  • Application

    Sensor diversity in the intralogistics center of label manufacturer Herma


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