Object positioning



Cahier des charges

Presence inspection, Orientation detection, Positioning


Handling and assembly technology

HRTR 3B-S scanner with background suppression

  • Small, homogeneous light spot by means of pin-point LED
  • Very good background suppression
  • Excellent black/white behavior and reliable switching on glossy and color structured objects
  • Exact scanning range adjustment via 8-turn potentiometer

ODSL 9 optical distance sensor

  • Resolution up to 0.01 mm
  • Configuration directly on the sensor or via PC
  • Fieldbus connection (PROFIBUS, PROFINET….) with modular connection unit MA 2xxi
  • For the positioning of actuators and robots
  • Height and width measurement as well as diameter determination

GS(L) 04 forked photoelectric sensor

  • Robust and warp-resistant metal housing and glass optics for high protection against environmental influences
  • Also with laser-generated red light for highly precise requirements or highly-dynamic processes
  • Even for transparent objects
  • Sensitivity adjustment and light/dark switching on back side of fork

PRKL 3B retro-reflective photoelectric sensors

  • Reliable detection of objects with a diameter ≥ 0.1 mm
  • Object detection through slits, holes and gaps with extremely small dimensions
  • Especially designed for the detection of fast events and small parts