More safety in harsh environments

With the LBK radar system, Leuze expands its safety offerings for its customers: 
The 3D safety system reliably monitors danger zones – even with sparks, dirt and dust.

Owen, February 10, 2021

Safety has top priority in industrial environments. Leuze is now offering its customers a new possibility in this area: the LBK safety radar system – the world's first 3D solution for use in environments with dirt, welding sparks, sawdust, smoke or humidity. Developed by Italian manufacturer Inxpect S.p.A. and distributed by Leuze, the system safeguards danger zones near machines and systems – even in harsh environments. "The big advantage of the LBK safety radar system is that it is resistant to environmental influences and is yet very sensitive and reliably detects movements," says Jörg Packeiser, Marketing Safety at Leuze. "In addition, the LBK radar technology monitors a three-dimensional space and not just a two-dimensional surface."


Sensors register movements
The LBK radar system responds to movements and generates a switching signal as soon as a person enters the monitored area. The Sensor People thereby protect both employees as well as operating processes. This is because the 3D solution interrupts operating processes only if someone actually remains in the danger zone. The system thereby avoids unnecessary shutdowns and, at the same time, increases the availability of the machine or system. As soon as all persons have again left the danger zone, the machines can start up again. The used radar technology can reliably differentiate between people and static objects because it reliably detects even stationary persons located in the protected area. Static objects, such as pallets or material containers, can be left in the protected area without problem. They do not result in a system interruption. 


Flexible in use, easy to install
The LBK safety radar system is used primarily in restart protection and for monitoring hidden areas. Users can adapt it to their individual requirements: with the number and position of the sensors, with the adjustable operating range as well as with the selectable opening angle. The system also uses its 3D radar technology to monitor areas on steps or pedestals and behind non-metallic shadowing. To safeguard larger areas, up to six radar sensors can be connected together via a controller. In this way, the system offers a maximum monitoring area of 15 by 4 meters. The individual sensors can be connected to form groups. If necessary, these groups can be switched off, thereby allowing the system to adapt to dynamic processes. Another advantage of the LBK safety radar system: users can use the easy-to-operate configuration software to easily define the system parameters. Should the customer desire, certified safety experts from Leuze can perform configuration and commissioning.


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