Sensor system ready for operation directly at the conveyor line

Leuze developed an innovative special mounting bracket for sensors of the 25C series which are used for pallet detection. System operating companies receive a complete system ready to operate since the system manufacturer already mounts the mounting brackets in the factory. This saves the operating company time and expenses during commissioning of conveyor lines.

Owen, March 22, 2021 

The Sensor People developed an innovative special mounting bracket for the sensors of the 25C series: This makes mounting and fine adjustment of the sensors superfluous for the system operating company. Since the manufacturers of the conveyor system already mount the new mounting brackets in the factory. Initial commissioning and fine adjustment can also be carried out by the manufacturer in future — meaning that the customer saves time and money. Employees of the system operating company can begin operation immediately after installation of the conveyor line.

A perfect fit in the inner area of the conveyor

The innovative mounting brackets are designed to fit perfectly for the 25C sensor series. The conveyor system manufacturer integrates the sensors in the inner area of the conveyor by means of the new Leuze mounting bracket. Impeding contours through mechanical mounting systems become completely superfluous. The integrated front screen deflects dirt particles reliably. All-in-all the Leuze solution requires less cleaning and maintenance than systems that rely on classic retro-reflective photoelectric sensors. In addition, system operating companies profit from the special ambient light configuration of the sensors: For the models of the 25C series are insensitive to high-frequency LED illumination in the production or logistics buildings. Thanks to their detection performance and their outstanding function reserve the sensors furthermore recognize different pallet types reliably.

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