Sample and microplate identification


Sample processing

Постановка задачи

RFID, Bar code, 2D-code


Medical and analysis technology

LSIS 120 stationary 2D-code reader

  • Very small and compact reader for 2D-codes and bar codes with high resolution
  • 2D-code reader with high data density
  • For reading on static or slowly moving objects
  • Integrated switching output
  • RS 232 or USB interface

RFID reader

  • Not sensitive to soiling
  • High data density for production and product data
  • Can be written with current parameters
  • Compact write/read unit for ranges up to 110 mm (depends on transponder)
  • Standardized protocols
  • High data transfer rate
  • Configurable functions
  • RS 232 interface

BCL 148, BCL 8, BCL 20, BCL 300 stationary bar code readers

  • Reliable identification of the reagent code results in system reliability and simplifies the certifications at the FDA, etc.
  • High resolution in accordance with the ISBT 128 specification of 128 µm with large depth of field area
  • Up to 300 mm load area possible using focus adjustment
  • Max. scanning rate of 1,000 scans/sec results in maximum reading and feeding speed
  • Optimal depth of field even when the contrast is poor results in max. reading reliability in practical use