Laser class 1


Eye-safe, precise detection with laser sensors

Laser sensors are used whenever small parts need to be reliably detected, positioning performed with great accuracy, or objects need to be measured precisely. The highly directional light beam and the small light spot simplify alignment and ensure an exact switching point. In addition, laser sensors facilitate the detection of even narrow openings. Due to the high power density in the laser beam, many laser products pose a potential danger to the human eye. For this reason, protective measures must be taken by the customer when these devices are used, e.g., marking the laser area or instructing employees. Leuze electronic offers a wide range of laser class 1 sensors. The laser radiation emitted by these sensors poses no hazard to the eye. Thus, the sensors can be used exactly like classic sensors with LEDs without any additional measures at the system.

At Leuze electronic you will find a wide selection of both switching as well as measuring optoelectronic sensors of various operating principles in laser class 1.