Industrial image processing

Because seeing is sometimes better

In our automated industrial landscape, the use of industrial image processing will increasingly become standard. Even today, modern systems allow camera systems to be used in many applications, thereby significantly increasing the reliability and availability of your plant systems. Take a look at our solutions.

Light section sensors


Would you like another dimension with that?

Light section sensors are well suited for applications in which objects have to be detected using their 3 dimensional form. They measure height profiles along a projected laser line. With these sensors, objects with high resolution can be detected quickly and reliably in 3D. The object is illuminated solely by the laser measurement beam integrated in the sensor.


Smart camera

The intelligent eye for automation

LSIS 400i smart cameras for industrial image processing can be integrated quickly and at low cost. They are used in quality assurance, object detection and position determination, for identification and for production process monitoring. With their sophisticated range of features, LSIS 400i cameras can also reliably handle complex tasks.


Industrial IP camera


Visual monitoring of difficult to access positions

With the industrial LCAM 408i IP camera, insights into areas which are not accessible by plant operators are possible. Possible collisions are therefore avoided and troubleshooting simplified in case of failure. The robust camera can also be used under harsh environmental conditions due to the industrial design.