Machine Safety Services

System safety is planning and maintenance

Sustainable safety at work begins with professional planning and doesn't end with the start-up of the corresponding systems. With our engineering tools, you can efficiently plan safety at work right from the start. During operation, periodic inspections and trainings are then necessary and prescribed in order to ensure proper function and operation of the systems. We offer you an extensive and convenient package of all of these services for all of your safety at work measures.

Safety inspections

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Prevention is better than downtime

Safety at work is a management issue – this applies in principle around the world. In Germany, periodic testing of the machine is required by law. Safety inspections ensure compliance with safety and quality standards and serve as preventive maintenance measures.

  • EU conformity and legal certainty with proof of safety and quality standards
  • Solution proposals for the rapid removal of safety deficiencies
  • Comprehensible and well-documented test results in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2000
  • Standards-specific test protocol
  • Accident risk and machine downtime minimization
  • High availability of the machine due to regular inspections


Stopping time measurement

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One-stop safety inspection

Only with a sufficiently dimensioned safety distance that corresponds with the stopping time of the machine can it be guaranteed that the dangerous movement will stop before the person reaches the point of operation. Stopping time measurements are therefore an important part of a properly carried out safety inspection.

  • Standards-compliant performance of 10 measurements per dangerous movement
  • Graphic evaluation of the brake behavior on request
  • Stop activation with "Autohand" without electrical intervention in the machine control system
  • Use of appropriate measurement transducers for the respective machine type: Rotary encoder for rotation movements (e.g. rotary indexing table) and rope length transmitter for linear movements
  • State-of-the-art calibrated measurement devices; documented test results in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2000


Safety consulting

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In safe hands

Our experts are always up-to-date on the latest technology and standards. You can therefore be certain that our safety consulting offers you legal security. Pass the responsibility on to us - we find safety risks in good time and provide you with qualified assistance in initiating the necessary measures.

  • Safety consulting helps prevent safety-related errors and also saves time and money while improving machine safety and giving the system operator legal certainty
  • Responsibility is transferred to our experts for risk assessment as well as SISTEMA calculations and tests
  • All Machinery Directive and CE requirements are upheld and all documents are also checked for completeness and fulfillment of legal requirements
  • Our experts are independent, experienced and always up-to-date concerning standards and directives; they work effectively because they know systems both within and across sectors as well as their associated hazards and methods of resolution


Seminars and workshops

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Training courses tailored to your needs

In addition to product training courses, our training program also includes seminars on the basics of machinery directives, CE certification and practical safety technology. We will also gladly provide instruction on-site at your facilities or in English.

  • Compact knowledge of everything to do with safety at work
  • Safety seminars cover all key points concerning retrofitting and operation of machines
  • After standards workshops, the participant is always up-to-date when it comes to the current standards situation
  • Product trainings guarantee optimal knowledge of a product, meaning you can detect application problems and prevent production downtimes
  • Direct dialog between our specialists and participants for exchanges of experiences, application tips and problem-solving
  • A certificate confirms participation in our seminars