BKL 706 SE,10000P

Drill break control transmitter

Part no.: 50034293

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Application Drill break control
Special version Activation input
Operating range 0 ... 8 m
Operating range Minimum distance between receiver and transmitter: 50 mm
Operating range limit 0 ... 10 m
Beam path Divergent
Light source Laser, Red
Wavelength 655 nm
Laser class 2, IEC/EN 60825-1:2007
Max. laser power 0.002 W
Transmitted-signal shape Pulsed
Pulse duration 4 µs
Light spot size [at sensor distance] 0.8 mm [1,400 mm]
Type of light spot geometry Round
Diaphragm diameter Ø 2 mm
Minimum object size Drill 1 mm Ø (0 … 8 m)
Protective circuit Polarity reversal protection
Short circuit protected
Transient protection
Supply voltage UB 10 ... 30 V, DC
Residual ripple 15 %, From UB
Open-circuit current 30 mA
Number of activation inputs 1 Piece(s)
Readiness delay 100 ms
Number of connections 1 Piece(s)
Function Signal IN
Signal OUT
Type of connection Cable
Cable length 10,000 mm
Sheathing material PUR
Cable color Black
Number of conductors 4 -wire
Wire cross section 0.25 mm²
Housing material Metal
Metal housing Aluminum
Lens cover material Glass
Housing color Red
Type of display LED
Number of LEDs 2 Piece(s)
Operational controls Multiturn potentiometer
Function of the operational control Sensitivity adjustment
Ambient temperature, operation -20 ... 40 °C
Ambient temperature, storage -30 ... 70 °C
Extraneous light protection, max. 30,000 lx
Degree of protection IP 67
Protection class III
Customs tariff number 85365019
ECLASS 5.1.4 27270901
ECLASS 8.0 27270901
ECLASS 9.0 27279090
ECLASS 10.0 27270901
ECLASS 11.0 27270901
ECLASS 12.0 27270901
ETIM 5.0 EC002716
ETIM 6.0 EC002716
ETIM 7.0 EC002716
ETIM 8.0 EC002716
EC declaration of conformity - pdf
UKCA declaration of conformity - pdf