As industry experts, we are familiar with the various fields of application of intralogistics and their unique requirements, and we develop products tailored to them. This enables our customers to offer competitive intralogistics solutions. Market leaders such as Amazon, Tesco, or Zalando use standards that set the bar. Developments such as same-day or one-hour delivery require sophisticated logistics and highly automated distribution centers. The basis for this is an intelligent sensor system that works effectively and thus ensures maximum system availability.

"Global online commerce demands ever faster reaction times. Efficiency and automation are in demand. Our sensors facilitate sustainable and dynamic warehouse logistics."

Matthias Göhner, Industry Manager Intralogistics

Our Industry 4.0-compatible sensors enable efficient and transparent processes. Individual sensors are becoming increasingly powerful. This means that the number of sensors can be reduced. The sensors inspect themselves, which means that there is virtually no downtime. Modern cloud solutions make the process data available worldwide for maintenance and monitoring tasks.

Full-service provider for intralogistics

Our claim as an industry specialist is to find the right solution for every intralogistics application. Our sensors ensure that the systems work reliably. The all-inclusive worry-free package consisting of solutions and services also includes 24/7 service.

Maximum system availability

Our smart sensors verify their own functionality and thus enable predictive maintenance. This guarantees maximum system availability. Using an integrated interface, the data can be transmitted worldwide, e.g., to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, for monitoring and maintenance tasks.

Cost reduction through performance

Our smart sensors verify their own functionality and thus enable predictive maintenance. This guarantees maximum system availability. Using an integrated interface, the data can be transmitted worldwide, e.g., to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, for monitoring and maintenance tasks.

Areas of application and product highlights

Sensor solutions for stacker cranes

Stacker cranes

Stacker cranes handle the storage and retrieval of goods in automatic high-bay warehouses. The speed and reliability of the stacker cranes - also in the low temperature range - are decisive for the overall performance and system availability. Our sensor solutions ensure that the stacker crane works optimally. Dynamic and precise storage and retrieval of the goods ensures a high throughput speed. Optical compartment occupation checks and push-through protection reliably protect the stored goods and system. The easy alignment of the sensors enable fast and error-free commissioning.


  1. Positioning (linear, curve-going) / BPS 300i
  2. Positioning (linear) / AMS 300i
  3. Data transmission / DDLS 200
  4. Data transmission / DDLS 500
  5. Single-depth compartment fine positioning in X- and Y-axis / IPS 200i
  6. Compartment fine positioning, double-depth in X- and Y-axis / LSIS 472i
  7. Bay positioning / HRTR 25B-XL, HT 46C
  8. Single-/multi-depth shelf positioning / HT 46C, HT 10
  9. Compartment occupation check, push-through protection / HRT 25B (long range), 10 series
  10. Clearance monitoring on the load receptacle / 3C, 5, 25C, 46C series

Sensor solutions for shuttles

Shuttles are compact warehouse vehicles for automatic operation of high-bay warehouses, which are used in parallel and which largely move independently in the rack construction. The dynamic shuttles are tasked with transporting the goods safely, reliably identify open spaces, and avoid collisions. This is ensured by our sensors for compartment fine positioning, detecting open spaces, and for presence control. For optimum positioning, sensors that can switch within milliseconds are used. The space-saving sensors can also be easily integrated in low vehicles and allow a flexible design. Their user-friendly design facilitates quick installation and commissioning.


  1. Collision protection (transportation path free) / 10 series, HRT 25B (long range)
  2. End of transportation path (referencing) / PRK 3C, HRT 3C
  3. Compartment occupation check, single-depth / HT 3C, HRT 25B (long range)
  4. Compartment occupation check, multi-depth / 10 series, HRT 25B (long range)
  5. Monitoring load pick-up, container position / PRK 2, PRK 5
  6. Detection of the finger position / IS 208
  7. Compartment fine positioning / HT 3C L
  8. Positioning / 10 series, HRT 25B (long range)
  9. Load presence / HT 25C, FT 5, FT 328
  10. Aisle end / 10 series, HRT 25B (long range)

Sensor solutions for continuous conveyors

Continuous conveyors ensure the continuous flow of goods. The presence of goods must be identified in the system, dimensions and fill levels checked, and bar codes must be read reliably. This guarantees a seamless production process. A comprehensive range of sensor solutions facilitates safe and fast object detection and protects people and the system. Individually deployable reading principles, such as bar code, 2D-code, and RFID guarantee maximum flexibility. Our sensors offer reliable detection through high performance reserve even with glossy, dark or stretch-wrapped packages, and rough environmental conditions. The intelligent mounting technology, fast alignment, and easy integration into existing systems such as PROFINET by means of fieldbus interfaces enable swift commissioning of our sensors.


  1. Object detection with light-band / RK 46C.DXL3 VarOS
  2. Projection monitoring for pallet loading / CSL 710, CSL 505
  3. Access guarding without muting sensors / MLC 530 SPG
  4. Safeguarding of pallet transfer stations / MLD 300, MLD 500
  5. Pallet identification / BCL 500i
  6. Object detection / 318B, 5, 25C, 28, 46C series
  7. Fill level monitoring / LRS 36
  8. Container identification / BCL 300i
  9. Volume measurement / LSC 200
  10. Carton identification / BCL 600i

Sensor solutions for electrical monorail systems

Electrical monorail systems are rail-guided transport systems to transport goods from A to B. They must be flexible to use, precisely position the goods, and ensure an efficient production process. An intelligent and sophisticated sensor system positions with millimeter accuracy, provides reliable all-around protection, and increases the system’s productivity. The bar code positioning system BPS ensures safe positioning (down to the millimeter) in bends, on gradients and on track switches. Monitoring sensors ensure reliable collision protection and safety laser scanners ensure the protection of danger zones. Powerful identification technologies (bar code/2D-code/RFID) also increase productivity of the system.


  1. Positioning (curve-going) / BPS 8
  2. Positioning (curve-going) / BPS 300i
  3. Collision protection / HT 10
  4. Safeguarding of the load pick-up and drop-off areas / RSL 400
  5. Vehicle bodies identification / BCL 500i, BCL 600i
  6. Skid identification / RFM 12 / 32/62

Sensor solutions for automated guided vehicles / transfer cars

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) must transport material or goods from A to B quickly, safely and autonomously. Depending on the application and type of material to be transported, an automatic high-lift truck, a platform vehicle or a tractor vehicle may be best suited. An AGV is controlled via optical guidance, grid navigation or so-called natural navigation. Our sensor solutions also guarantee the precise storage and retrieval of pallets, safe transport even with speed changes as well as vibration-free transfer of the transport material.

  1. Data transmission / DDLS 500
  2. Data transmission / DDLS 200
  3. Transportation path safeguarding / RSL 400
  4. Signaling of status information / C3, E4 and E7
  5. Optical guidance / OGS 600
  6. Navigation / RSL 400
  7. Positioning / ODSL 30, ODS 10
  8. Positioning / AMS 300i


Sensor solutions for side-tracking shelves

Side-tracking shelves allow for the storage location to be used economically and efficiently. It must be possible to access the goods in single racks quickly and safely when needed. Our sensors ensure precise positioning and synchronization of shelves and drives. For safeguarding aisle and foot space and monitoring aisles, Leuze electronic offers tailor-made sensor solutions, too.

Sensor solutions for order picking

Order picking is the process of collecting goods for customer or production orders. The goods have to be identified reliably and in a user-friendly manner. Our readers ensure fast order processing both for manual and automatic allocation of the goods to a respective order. Reliable and high-performance identification increases cost effectiveness considerably.

Sensor solutions for cranes

Goods are warehoused or stored temporarily with industrial crane systems. Automatic positioning of the crane can make the production process significantly more effective. The use of our sensors significantly increases process safety, productivity and availability of the system, and contributes to the protection of people and materials. The connection between the crane and control is established via optical data transmission. Tailor-made to the individual needs of a wide variety of applications, our sensors provide exact crane positioning and manipulator control. Collision protection is preventing possible collisions.


  1. Data transmission / DDLS 500
  2. Data transmission / DDLS 200
  3. Collision protection, distance monitoring / 10 series, PRK 46C
  4. Final position monitoring / IS 244
  5. Positioning / BPS 300i
  6. Positioning / AMS 300i, ODSL 30
  7. Manipulator control / ROD4plus
  8. Collision protection / MLD 500, SLS 46C

Application reports and downloads

Effiziente, prozessgesteuerte Zugangssicherung ohne Muting-Sensoren bei WITRON

31 Mar 2019 | Intralogistics
Nicht nur in der eigenen Fertigung und Lagerlogistik setzt WITRON auf kreative Sensorlösungen von Leuze electronic - WITRON realisiert mit dem Optosensorikhersteller Leuze electronic auch für seine Kunden effiziente Safety-Lösungen.

Intralogistics industry brochure (PDF, ~6 MB)