Leuze as an employer

Become a part of our success story. As a medium-sized family company headquartered in the greater Stuttgart area, we actively work to create the future of Industry 4.0 with our products. In this regard, our employees are our most important potential and greatest pillars. The appreciation of the personal commitment of our employees is part of company culture and a key component of our values. The Sensor People are characterized by a passion for the world of sensor systems. Together, we are an unbeatable team and one of the market leaders in our sector.

Medium-sized family company

Leuze is a medium-sized family company based in Owen/Teck (Germany) with a company history spanning more than 60 years. Flat hierarchies, short coordination channels, personal contact with decision makers and, last but not least, a good work atmosphere embody our company culture. Sustainable management by the Leuze family over several generations was and remains the basis for our healthy company growth. Company success geared for the long term means secure workplaces for our employees. As a globally active company, we are aware of our responsibility to society, employees and customers.

International positioning

With 21 subsidiaries around the world, we are represented in the most important markets of our industry and are always in the immediate vicinity of our customers. Worldwide, more than 1,600 employees work on innovative sensor solutions for applications in the areas of intralogistics, packaging industry, machine tools, automotive industry and laboratory automation. Our products are also available from more than 40 distributors worldwide. Our global presence enables our employees to take on exciting tasks in an international context.

Company culture

In company-wide workshops, we have together defined what our company values are and what we as Sensor People stand for. The basis for our actions is a reliable and trusting collaboration in combination with team spirit and a cooperative atmosphere. With respect to our business partners, we always conduct ourselves courteously and honestly. The contribution each individual makes to the success of our company is valued by colleagues, management and the owner family.
Passion for the world of sensor systems is what sets us apart and makes us unbeatable as a globally active team across national borders. We view the years or even decades of employment with the company of many employees as affirmation of our positive company culture.

Appreciation & reliability

The success of our company is shaped largely by the commitment, creativity and ingenuity of our employees – and we are aware of this. Appreciation of the work of our employees is a central part of our company values. Leuze is an economically stable and reliable partner for our employees. We offer workplace security in a growing industrial sector with bright prospects for the future. As a family-owned company with clear commitment to our location, we are always a reliable partner for our employees.

Technical innovation in the field of Industry 4.0

What does the factory of the future look like? How will flexible and intelligent production be realized? Sensors are the eyes and ears of automation technology and provide a wide variety of information concerning the current condition of a machine or system, e.g., about position, fill level, material in the machine, etc. The diverseness of the information reflects the huge number of sources used. Ultimately, however, the focus in the case of Industry 4.0 is: How is it possible to access this data and information from different sources, to link it in a meaningful way, to aggregate it and to make it available globally? With our sensors, we make a decisive contribution to such a networked and intelligent production environment in the spirit of Industry 4.0.

Various work-time models

Through various work-time models, we offer you the opportunity to combine your work with your private life in the best possible way. For you, flexitime means more flexibility for integrating private appointments in daily life. Because we have no core work times, you can – in consultation with your supervisor – flexibly respond to the demands of everyday life. Individual work time models support your work-life balance and give you opportunity to reconcile work, leisure time, family and personal care. As a family business, we know how important life-phase-oriented work and career models are.

Subsidized company restaurant

Anyone who wants to work well, also needs to eat well. Which is why we have a company restaurant with breakfast fare, lunch with soup, salad bar, two or three main courses, desserts/ice cream and a pleasant outdoor area during the summer. The company restaurant is subsidized by Leuze. The team in our company restaurant works to meet various requests and provides catering services to our meeting rooms.