Safety relay

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Series MSI-SR-LC21DT
Application Moving guards, electro-sensitive protective equipment for controlled stopping (stop category 0 and 1 in accordance with IEC 60204)
Functions Cross circuit monitoring
One- or two-channel operation
Start/restart interlock (RES)
Time-delayed shutdown (STOPP1)
Restart Automatic
SIL 3, IEC 61508
SILCL 3, IEC/EN 62061
Performance Level (PL) e, EN ISO 13849-1
PFHD 3E-08 per hour
Mission time 20 years, EN ISO 13849-1
Category 4, EN ISO 13849-1
Continuous current per current path, max. 6 A
Supply voltage UB 24 V, AC/DC, -15 ... 10 %
Power consumption, max. 2.6 W, For 24 V, plus output load
Nominal voltage UN 24 V
Min. rated control supply voltage US at DC 20.4 V
Max. rated control supply voltage at DC 26.4 V
Min. rated control supply voltage at DC 20.4 V
Rated power DC 2.6 W
Galvanic isolation between supply and control circuit No
Number of outputs, safety-oriented, undelayed, contact-based 2 Piece(s)
Number of outputs, safety-oriented, delayed, contact-based 1 Piece(s)
Release current paths, time-delayed NO contact, off-delay
Contact material Ag alloy, gold-plated
Usage category AC-15 (NO contact) Ue 230V, Ie 3A
Usage category DC-13 (NO contact) Ue 24V, Ie 2A
Short circuit protection (NO contact) gG class safety fuse 6A, melting integral
Nominal switching voltage, release current paths AC 230 V
Max. thermal continuous current Ith, release current paths 6 A
Max. total current I² of all current paths 5 A²
Mechanical life time 100,000,000 switching cycles
Evaluation of the inputs Two-channel
Nominal output voltage DC 22 V
Input current at the control inputs (safety circuit/reset circuit) 25 mA
Max. peak current at the control inputs (safety circuit/reset circuit) 2,500 mA
Max. cable resistance, per channel ≤ (5 + (1.176 x UB / UN - 1) x 100) Ω
Minimum switch-on time 200 ms
Response time (automatic start tA2) 700 ms
Response time (manual start tA1) 30 ms
Test pulse time permitted tTP 1 ms
Release time tR 25 ms
Release time tR, time-delayed contacts (tolerance) 1.5 s ... 30 s ± 16 %
Sychronous time monitoring tS 500 ms
Recovery time tW 500 ms
Regression delay 25 ms
Number of connections 1 Piece(s)
Function Signal IN
Signal OUT
Voltage supply
Type of connection Terminal
Type of terminal Spring-cage terminal
No. of pins 16 -pin
Connection cross sections 2 x 0.2 to 1.5 mm², wire
2 x 0.25 to 1.5 mm², wire with wire-end sleeve
Dimension (W x H x L) 22.5 mm x 106.5 mm x 114 mm
Net weight 200 g
Housing color Gray
Type of fastening Snap-on mounting
Ambient temperature, operation -25 ... 55 °C
Certifications TÜV Rheinland
Customs tariff number 85364190
ECLASS 5.1.4 27371800
ECLASS 8.0 27371819
ECLASS 9.0 27371819
ECLASS 10.0 27371819
ECLASS 11.0 27371819
ECLASS 12.0 27371819
ECLASS 13.0 27371819
ECLASS 14.0 27371819
ETIM 5.0 EC001449
ETIM 6.0 EC001449
ETIM 7.0 EC001449
ETIM 8.0 EC001449
ETIM 9.0 EC001449
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