Tower storage system

Intelligent solutions for the storage of sheet metal plates and long goods optimize material flow, improve machine utilization and improve work safety and process reliability. Through the compact design of a tower storage system, it is thereby possible, for example, to optimally utilize valuable production space as an intermediate warehouse, buffer storage or for material stockage.

Our components guarantee smooth processes and ensure safety.
Typical areas of use are access guarding at dangerous areas of machines and systems. Our inductive and optical sensors check and monitor the presence and position of sheet metal plates or stacks. And they optimize the process flow, thereby ensuring high
availability of the machine or system.

[01] Access guarding, one side

Requirement: Access to a dangerous area at a machine or system is to be guarded. To enable simple entry and exit of material, optoelectronic safety sensors are to be used.

Solution: The MLD 300/500 multiple light beam safety devices provide cost-effective access guarding solutions. The transceiver models with an operating range of up to 8 m are especially easy to install. For wide-area guarding, transmitter/receiver models are available with a range of up to 70 m.

[02] Integration of safety sensors

Requirement: Multiple safety sensors must be integrated into the machine or system control. Functions such as a time delay for releasing a locking device or signal connections are also to be configured.

Solution: The basic module of the MSI 400 expandable safety control already has 24 safe inputs/outputs as well as an Ethernet interface with Industrial Ethernet protocols. The safety control can be configured quickly and efficiently using the license-free configuration software MSI.designer.

[03] Projection monitoring

Requirement: To avoid collisions with the load handling device during the storage and retrieval process, a check is to be performed to determine whether sheet metal plates protrude at the loading area. To reliably detect even slightly rotated sheet metal plates, the check is to be performed at multiple points.

Solution: The HT 25C diffuse reflection sensors with background suppression ensure reliable presence control. With their degrees of protection IP 67 and IP 69K as well as the active ambient light suppression, the extremely compact sensor offer a very high level of flexibility and reliability.

[04] Presence control for sheet metal

Requirement: After the pick & place unit deposits the sheet metal plate, the presence of the sheet metal plate is to be checked at the storage location to allow the subsequent process step to start, e.g., infeed of the material to the machine.

Solution: The FT 328i energetic diffuse sensors in the sturdy plastic housing with metal thread facilitate robust material detection. The simple adaptation to the material using the teach button enables fast and simple commissioning. Available as an economical alternative are the inductive switches of the IS 200 series.

[05] Presence control for sheet metal

Requirement: After the sheet metal plate is picked up by the pick & place unit, the presence of the sheet metal plate in the unit is to be constantly monitored to ensure a smooth process flow.

Solution: The HT 46C and 25C diffuse refl ection sensors with background suppression ensure reliable presence control. Models with various lightspot geometries offer optimum adaptation to the application. Flexible mounting brackets,
cables and IO-Link models are also available.

[06] Positioning

Requirement: To position the load handling device in the tower rack, the distance to a specified reference point is to be determined.

Solution: With the focused laser, the ODSL 30 optical distance sensors offer operating ranges of up to 65 meters and, with an absolute measurement accuracy of ± 2 mm, are ideal for precise positioning.